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View on YouTube CRYPTOS VS. BANKERS — WEB BOT Creator Clif High
Web bot creator and everyone’s favorite woo woo commentator Clif High returns to SGT report to discuss the crypto compendium and the future of silver.

Regarding the crypto currency space, when asked if it’s in a bubble Clif responds emphatically, “We are in a bubble actually, but we’re not in a crypto bubble. We’re in a Dollar bubble. The whole planet is so flooded with Dollars that bubble is popping. And so that bubble is popping right at the moment, and some of that is going into cryptos and some of it can be expected to go into precious metals. But there’s so many Dollars in this bubble that they’re not able to fit through the narrow openings that we have into the precious metals space and into the crypto space. And that’s what we’re watching at the…

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Hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of gold now available to help planet

Conspiracy Daily Update

This Saturday a delegation from the White Dragon Society, including this writer, will be heading to Bougainville in the Solomon Islands to meet with King David Peii II to discuss how to reopen the Panguna mine, which contains about $170 trillion worth of gold and copper. Furthermore, there are six other mine sites under the control of King David and his people on the Island meaning that many hundreds of trillions of dollars’ worth of metal can be made available to benefit the people and living creatures of the planet earth.

The total amount of money the OECD spent on development in 2016 was $142.6 billion, so if even a small fraction of the wealth of just one of the six sites was used, there would be at least 10 times more money available to help the poor and protect the environment than is now…

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Central Banks Buying Up All Debt

Conspiracy Daily Update

View on YouTube Central Banks Buying Up All Debt
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Popular Pro Bitcoin, Anti-Federal Reserve Twitter Account Shut Down Without Notice

Conspiracy Daily Update

View on YouTube Popular Pro Bitcoin, Anti-Federal Reserve Twitter Account Shut Down Without Notice
The information war is heating up, bigly! An educational account sharing information and statistics about the Federal Reserve, and generally supportive of Bitcoin and gold, has gone dark after getting summarily shutdown by Twitter management without explanation or possible recourse. Why so serious, Twitter?

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