In GOLD We TRUST ▂▃▅ Ronald Stoeferle

Hello and welcome to your week’s Metal & Markets update.

I am your host James Anderson of SD Bullion.

With us this week is Ronnie Stoeferle, author of the widely popular annual In Gold we Trust Report author of the bestselling book Austrian School for Investors.

You can download Ronnie’s In Gold We Trust report below:

BIG PDF Version:

SMALL PDF Version:

BONUS PDF Companion, SD Bullion Buying Guide:

Ronnie’s Twitter:

Yours truly’s Twitter:

Before we jump into this week’s interview, I want to give a quick update on where bullion spot are today Friday June 19th 2018 at 4 o’clock eastern time.

Spot prices for all metals have been dropping over the past few weeks and particularly in silver we are reaching a pretty significant resistance level of $16 to $15.50 an oz.

In the last 2 years this has occurred on three occasions, and price rebounds were fast. So just a heads up for those dollar cost averaging their stacks.

On to this week’s interview which was recorded at an hour I should never have to wake up at. Just kidding, 6AM eastern I spoke with Ronnie and you are about to hear and see it on Youtube.

Have a great weekend everyone.
View on YouTube


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