Breitbart Vs. Soros: Investigations Causing Problems for Billionaire’s European Operations    » The Event Chronicle

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By Aaron Klein. The news outlet reported the Hungarian government’s move to minimize the influence of Soros’s Open Society Foundations and other foreign-funded non-governmental organizations, or NGO’s, is being “seemingly buoyed by U.S. President Donald Trump’s election victory and the ascendance of the alt-right in Washington.”

Politico reported on the role of Breitbart News in exposing Soros, falsely labeling the news agency an “alt-right website.” Breitbart News, recently ranked as the 29th most trafficked U.S. website by the Alexa rankings system, is an independent news website considered by many to be the largest conservative news site in America. It has no affiliation with the so-called alt-right movement…

Source: Breitbart Vs. Soros: Investigations Causing Problems for Billionaire’s European Operations    » The Event Chronicle

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Liberal Boycott Backfires – Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Range Triples Sales – Your News Wire

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Liberals thought they could destroy businesswoman Ivanka Trump’s clothing brand by organizing a boycott and pressuring retailers to stop carrying her clothes and accessories. But the liberal campaign backfired big time.

Get this: sales have increased 346% since the liberal boycott began!

Since the beginning of February, they were some of the best performing weeks in the history of the brand,” Abigail Klem, the president of the Ivanka Trump fashion brand, told Refinery29 in an interview published Tuesday. “For several different retailers Ivanka Trump was a top performer online, and in some of the categories it was the [brand’s] best performance ever.”…

Source: Liberal Boycott Backfires – Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Range Triples Sales – Your News Wire

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Elitist George Soros’ Most Concerning Investments: Netflix, Google, & More | Stillness in the Storm

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(Kalee Brown) Full disclosure: I’m a huge fan of Netflix. I’ve been watching numerous Netflix-produced shows and movies lately, and I’m starting to notice more and more of them have consciousness rooted within them. However, I’ve also noticed some seriously strange forms of propaganda showing up on their platform. This got me thinking: Who funds Netflix?…

Source: Elitist George Soros’ Most Concerning Investments: Netflix, Google, & More | Stillness in the Storm

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Economic Boom: Trump Policies Add 300,000 Jobs In First Month – Your News Wire

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American companies are riding high on the optimism created by President Trump’s election victory, adding a staggering 298,000 jobs to the U.S. economy during Trump’s first month in office.That monster figure comes from ADP, a payroll processing company that surveys the U.S. job market. The number far exceeded the 190,000 new jobs that economists were forecasting.President Trump tweeted a self-congratulatory note from the @POTUS account, referencing the long overdue “surging” growth in the jobs market and admitting the numbers are “much more than expected!“…

Source: Economic Boom: Trump Policies Add 300,000 Jobs In First Month – Your News Wire

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Economics Professor Shows What I & Others Have Warned Of – 9Mar17 | Simon Parkes Official Website

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Economics Professor Shows What I & Others Have Warned Of

 Thursday, March 9, 2017

Economics professor shows what I and others have been warning about.

I predict we’re leaving the greed part of the graph and entering the delusion phase.

Source: Economics Professor Shows What I & Others Have Warned Of | Simon Parkes Official Website

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US Will Be Forced To Accept A Devalued Domestic Dollar, That’s When The Crisis Hits:Jim Willie

Conspiracy Daily Update

Published on 8 Mar 2017

Today’s Guest: Jim Willie

March 8th: United States will be forced to accept a devalued domestic USDollar (aka the New Scheiss Dollar) which is when the crisis hits… the Trump Admin will have tremendous challenges in setting up a solid industrial base to relieve the $550 billion annual trade deficit, which is the major problem for the nation… any new asset backed USDollar would result in the forfeit of 13,000 tons of gold in the first year from the trade deficit… the USEconomy is the fast moving locomotive heading over the cliff with numerous indicators of steep decline… the US leadership has had for years no initiatives, no direction, and no progress toward remedy or reform of any imbalances or any crisis conditions… the USGovt is dedicated to fraud, corruption, propaganda, and war… the nation can work toward business creation and job growth if it…

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The $74 Trillion Global Economy In One Chart | Zero Hedge

Conspiracy Daily Update

The latest GDP numbers from the World Bank were released earlier this month, and today’s visualization from breaks them down to show the relative share of the global economy for each country.

As Visual Capitalist’s Jeff Desjardins explains, the full circle, known as a Voronoi Diagram, represents the entirety of the $74 trillion global economy in nominal terms. Meanwhile, each country’s segment is sized accordingly to their percentage of global GDP output. Continents are also grouped together and sorted by color.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Here is the data for the Top 20 Countries in table form:

Source: The $74 Trillion Global Economy In One Chart | Zero Hedge

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The True Reason Behind The 40-Hour Work Week & Why We Are Economic Slaves – Prepare for Change

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Economic slavery, or wage slavery, refers to one’s total and immediate dependence on wages to survive. Although people throughout history have had to work to get by, we now live in a culture where we are led to believe we have economic freedom, when unbeknownst to most citizens, we are in fact bound in servitude. We automatically accept a 40-hour workweek with meager hourly pay as normal, even though many work overtime and still struggle to survive. There are also those who make enough to live comfortably but are unable to request less hours—you either work 40 hours a week, or you don’t get to work at all. We submit when told what to wear, when we have to arrive and depart, when we’re allowed to eat, and even when we’re allowed to use the restroom. How is it we have come…

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Conspiracy Daily Update

I work IT at one of the highest technical positions in a major telecommunications firm .The only position higher than the one my colleagues or myself holds, is the CIO position.

We usually get info way before implementation. There is now a project going on in banks to implement block chain technology. This is very different from past reports as the previous reports were banks testing it out.

The testing is complete. Contractual discussions between banks and a big three letter company (helped to create the serial number generators for the Nazis) are underway. The details are more or less related to a typical service. But, still blockchain technology will be used to track people, their payments and enforce much higher taxes.

Personally, almost all of my assets are outside of the banking system. I work with banks daily and have hundreds of clients. So, obviously I have some experience…

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Megabank Caught Laundering for Terrorists & Drug Cartels and the Feds are Keeping it Secret | Stillness in the Storm

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(Jack BurnsWhen a bank is found guilty of doing business in countries where they’re not supposed to be, and when the same bank is found guilty of helping drug cartels launder money, shouldn’t the public have a right to know about the banks’ efforts at correcting such actions? That’s the question being raised with respect to HSBC’s 1.92 billion dollar settlement with the U.S. and oral arguments are taking place in federal court this week on whether or not the compliance report should stay sealed.

The bank lost in court in 2012 when it was discovered they had business dealings in, “Cuba, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Burma, racking up violations of the Bank Secrecy Act, the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the Trading With the Enemy Act,” according to CNS. The bank’s executives, who knew full well what the bank was doing, were given deferred prosecution…

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