Clif High with Greg Hunter – We are in an Extinction Level Event | Agenda 21

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[ZurichTimes] Clif does not hold back in this interview with Greg Hunter and forecasts we are in “an extinction level event” scenario based on his predictive linguistics data mining. Bond Market Crash around September, 2017 and Economic Collapse to coincide with Currency Market Crash. And yes Google has gone Evil.

Published on 8 Apr 2017

Internet Data mining expert Clif High’s latest report says, ““The emotions at the moment are projecting a crash of the ability of the state to function. . . . We have the projection that there is going to be some sort of big government crash. It concerns funding, interruption or something. . . . We have something akin to a definition change relative to bonds. . . . One way to think about this is there is going to be a human collective or re-understanding, or new understanding, about the whole bond market as we…

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Strange Moves In Gold, Federal Reserve Policy, And Fundamentals | Zero Hedge

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Something odd happened late in the day in Wednesday’s trading session, which prompted a number of people to mail in comments or ask a question or two. Since we have discussed this issue previously, we decided this was a good opportunity to briefly elaborate on the topic again in these pages.

A strong ADP jobs report for March was released on Wednesday, and the gold price dutifully declined ahead of it already, while the stock market surged concurrently. Later in the day, the Fed minutes were published, and their tone was definitely seen as very “hawkish”, at least by today’s standards.

There was quite a bit of talk about rate hikes and  – gasp! – even about ending reinvestment of funds the Fed receives when debt securities in its QE portfolio mature. The merry pranksters also bemoaned the egregious bubble their own policies have given birth to.

According to Reuters

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Derivative Under Strain, Meltdown Ahead | Jim Willie 

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Published on 7 Apr 2017

Jim Willie joins FinanceAndLiberty to reveal the danger created by interest rate swap derivatives. As foreigners accelerate their dumping of U.S. Treasury Bonds and the Fed moves interest rates slightly higher, the interest rate swap derivatives market is coming under strain. When word gets out about the strain in these derivatives, foreign dumping of U.S. debt and movement away from the dollar and towards gold will accelerate, Willie says.

Willie says China is getting ready to move to the “Gold Trade Note.” How will China move to a gold backed currency without killing their export market? Willie says China has to get a critical mass of support, say the entire Eurasian trade zone, to follow suit. If China can get this critical mass majority, then the rest of the world still trading with the U.S. dollar will be in the minority. That’s when U.S. dollar…

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First Ever Global Govt Crash Coming – Greg Hunter, Clif High Video

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By Greg Hunter’s 

Internet data mining expert Clif High uses what he calls “predictive linguistics” to spot trends and make predictions for future events. In his latest in-depth report, High sees a “huge” calamity coming for humanity.  Clif High explains, “There is all kinds of data for money and lack of money and lack of funding and all kinds of emotions around this.  There are hints in the data that something huge is coming for August and September that is being exposed by the language now.  I think it’s a bond crash or not a bond crash because I don’t know how that works.  It’s not a stock market crash.  The data I am looking at now says the stock market is not meaningful.  We may lose 50 cents on every dollar in the stock market in just a few days, but it’s meaningless.  It won’t make any difference…

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‘Out Of This World’ – NASA’s Budget Is Without Parallel | Zero Hedge

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The budget afforded NASA is far and away the largest on earth…

Infographic: NASA's Budget is Without Parallel | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

With 19 billion dollars to play with each year, Statista’s Martin Armstrong notes the U.S. space agency can outspend the ESA, Rocosmos, CNSA, ISRO, and JAXA combined.It is important to note however, that the figure for CNSA is an estimate due to the lack of comprehensive information from the Chinese government.

Source: ‘Out Of This World’ – NASA’s Budget Is Without Parallel | Zero Hedge

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WWIII Arrives & BOOM IMF Seizes Opportunity To De-Cash & Financial Enslavement Us All—DOCUMENT PROOF 

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Published on 8 Apr 2017Here’s the link that goes with the video:

By Lisa Haven

What you are about to see in the video below is the latest working paper from the IMF on how to enslave nations, steal our sovereignty and force a cashless society across the globe.

While all eyes are on WWIII events, the IMF has seized the opportunity to look into the aftermath of war and how to bring about their Orwellian bondage cashless society. Here is just a ‘sliver’ of information that I will expose from the 26-page document they have prepared titled,  “TheMacroeconomicsof De-Cashing.”

“Although some countries most likely will de-cash in a few years, going completely cashless should be phased in steps. The de-cashing process could build on the initial and largely uncontested steps, such as the phasing out of large denomination bills, the placement of ceilings on cash transactions…

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X22Report Economic Data Just Went From Bad To Worse, The Collapse Accelerates – Episode 1249a

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Report date: 04.07.2017

More economic indicators are showing the economy is collapsing at an accelerated pace. The job numbers came in and the unemployment rate came down to 4.5% with less people getting jobs and more people losing jobs. The retail industry is a complete disaster, and many retailers are going bankrupt. There is nobody left to purchase treasuries, so the treasury is now the buyer. Traders are worried about volatility and they are purchasing insurance.

Source: X22Report Economic Data Just Went From Bad To Worse, The Collapse Accelerates – Episode 1249a | Politics

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Gold Standard Challenges

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Scattered recent analysis has centered upon the Gold Standard and its viability within the global financial system. The topic is certainly very blurred and at times confusing. Consider a recent article by a competent analyst Charles Hugh Smith of the site OfTwoMinds on the practicality of gold used as a standard. The article is entitled “The Problem With Gold-Backed Currencies” (which is found HERE and also on Lew Rockwell site HERE). He makes several points, many good ones. In the Jackass opinion, his analysis avoids many potential solution features, is premature on focus of the currency (and not trade), and is unfortunately backwards in the logic. The main criticism to put on the work is that he confuses the extreme difficulties created from decades of fiat currencies, with the supposed problems of installation of gold-backed currency. The entire article is not well developed, seems sketchy, and misses numerous very…

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