2010 All Over Again, Silver Skyrocket? | Craig Hemke

Craig Hemke from TFMetalsReport believes the Fed will be cutting rates as early as fall.

The government is reopen after the latest shutdown made history as the longest ever. But if Trump and the Democrats can’t come together on immigration, the government could return to a shutdown mid-February.

Trump’s election boosted the economic outlook for many Americans, but now grid-lock will impact consumer confidence, Craig Hemke tells us. “Nothing’s going to happen going forward,” he says. “All that consumer confidence, all that business confidence…is going to fade.” As early as fall, he expects the Fed to start cutting rates in response to a slowing economy.

2019 will look a lot like 2010, Hemke says, and expects a stock market crisis and major moves in precious metal markets. In less than a year from 2010-2011, silver moved 150% higher. Hemke says it’s possible similar movements could happen.

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RogueNews; DeepState Demise Greatly Exaggerated. More Conflict Ahead

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