Bitcoin Price Suppression? | Jerry Robinson

Cryptocurrencies are a threat to the U.S. dollar. Economist Jerry Robinson cautions investors the rules of the game can change. “Anything that challenges U.S. dollar dominance, is going to be heavily regulated.”

Cryptocurrencies are under-owned by investors, Robinson says. Only about three percent of U.S. retail investors have exposure to cryptocurrencies. Robinson predicts we’re still in “the early innings” of the boom/bust cycle in cryptocurrencies.

But remember: the rules of the game can change! Robinson says cryptocurrencies could be regulated and suppressed. Stay tuned to learn Robinson’s strategy to prepare for rule changes in the investing world…
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Illinois Bankruptcy To Trigger Currency Collapse? | John Rubino

Could an Illinois bankruptcy be the catalyst for the complete loss of faith in paper currencies?

Illinois could be going bankrupt and have their debt rating fall to junk status. If the U.S. steps in and bails Illinois out, then that will shift the focus from Illinois to the currency used in the bailout: the Dollar. Faith in the Dollar could be eroded, catalyzing the demise of the Dollar and all other paper currencies, John Rubino says. Even if Illinois isn’t the catalyst, Rubino says many other states are in similar financial problems and any one of them could trigger the end of all paper currencies.

Also, stay tuned for Rubino’s perspective on the recent decline in precious metal prices.
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50 Million Oz Dumped – Silver Market is Rigged! | Rob Kirby

50 million ounces of silver was just dumped on the market in one minute…

Who was behind this silver dump? Derivatives expert Rob Kirby thinks it is the work of the U.S. government. He says the Exchange Stabilization Fund is manipulating gold and silver prices in order to support the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. But he says the demand for physical metal will outstrip the ability of the manipulators…
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What Will You OWN When The Music Stops? — David McAlvany

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What will you actually OWN when the music stops playing?

If you think the US stock market looks a bit toppy, as valuations hit new all time highs… If you think the nearly $1,000 price for one share of Amazon stock seems a bit lofty… If you think the rise of the crypto currencies as an alternative to the US Dollar is an important story, and if you think that the quantifiable manipulation of the gold and silver markets by criminal international banks is a clear sign of why OWNING precious metals in PHYSICAL form is so important, then this is the interview for you.

The CEO of McAlvany Financial Group David McAlvany says, “We have no idea how much risk is in the system, and we continue to play some sort of musical chairs game where we just hope that when the music stops, we have a chair. There ARE people assuming there are no chairs, we’re all going to be fighting for one single chair, and there’s too many people involved.”

Friends, it’s time to prepare for a very bad ending to the song that’s currently playing.

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US is a Fascist Nation | Jim Willie

A trade conflict is brewing between the U.S. and Germany, Dr. Jim Willie says. “The United States is now a fascist nation.” Fascists cut across party lines and make up 75 percent of the government, Willie says. He says fascists have a tendency to alienate and defraud their allies, and the U.S. is no different. The United States is imposing sanctions on German companies working on a pipeline between Germany and Russia. Willie says these actions have crossed the line for Germany and a trade conflict is ahead. Germany will move East, he forecasts. This will further the United States’s isolation and the destruction of the U.S. dollar.

Also stay tuned to hear Jim Willie answer viewers questions!
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“I Can Vouch for Andrew Maguire”: SIGNIFICANT Influx of Physical Gold Orders Imminent?

Gold & Silver Analyst Craig Hemke Joins Us to Break Down the Action in the Gold & Silver Markets & Andrew Maguire’s Big Prediction:
Is the Paper Gold Derivatives Game About to COLLAPSE?

* ” I Can Vouch for Andrew Maguire” – Is the Paper Gold Derivatives Game About to Collapse?
* Hemke Explains Why Andrew Maguire Believes, There Will Be SIGNIFICANT Problems For the Banks in Terms of Physical Metal Demand in the Weeks Ahead
* Maguire Believes A HUGE Influx of Physical Gold Orders is Coming
* A Capitulation of Sentiment: “What Happened Last Year Broke Everyone’s Backs”

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Silver & Gold Bottoming? | David Morgan

View on YouTube Silver & Gold Bottoming? | David Morgan

David Morgan believes we could be seeing a bottom in the precious metals’ markets.

Morgan also discusses gold and silver mining stocks, the movement towards making gold and silver legal tender, and when precious metal price manipulation will end.