Rogue 420 – Interview – Brandon Pitcher (09/23/2017)

CJ interviews Brandon Pitcher. Brandon Pitcher is an award winning developer, change agent, and educator; sharing his passion for social and ecological entrepreneurship, systems thinking, and sustainability for over 15 years.

A ZERI certified practitioner and promoter of the Circular and Blue Economy (, he has traveled to over 40 countries, researching dozens of projects and learning from leaders in the field. He has led workshops on design and technology solutions for over a decade, giving over 500 presentations including MIT, Yale, the United Nations University in Tokyo and many other venues. He currently collaborates with a variety of entrepreneurs and organizations, helping guide the transition to a more ecologically literate society.

Brandon is the managing member of Blue Circle Development, a new partnership between multiple companies including the Stevia Corp. and Eltron Research and Development, created to add value throughout the supply chain of the industrial and medicinal cannabis markets. He is also an active Board Member of the National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce in Colorado.

To learn more about Blue Circle Development:

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