COMEX Record Trading Volumes vs Retail Bullion Buyer Capitulation | iGoldAdvisor’s Christopher Aaron

Christopher Aaron of iGoldAdvisor
interviewed by’s James Anderson

Interview Highlights include:

– Chris’ background and public entrance into precious metals analysis

– Why technical analysis matters regardless of potential manipulation

– London Gold Pool Example ( ➤ )

– This week’s Gold & Silver price action

– Record COMEX trading volumes (Gold & Silver)

– Current ‘Bear Trap’ wearing out bullion buyers’ patience

– Chris’ bullion foundation & other investment vehicles for PMs

– Bullion vs Mining Equities 1970s, 1980s, 2011s

– Chris’ near term forecasts for Gold & Silver (12 – 18 months)

– Healthy price action creating a base for the near future

– Lowering physical bullion demand (Gold & Silver)
being a great contrary indicator

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“Buy Your Gold & Silver from the Doc”
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Author: Brian Hyland

I am a part of the movement to Truth!

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