Dollar in Death Row | John Embry

John Embry tells Silver Doctors the people in control don’t want higher gold and silver prices.

He has never seen gold and silver prices so low compared to other assets. Silver at $15 is the cheapest asset he has ever seen.

Embry sees gold, and even more so silver, exploding to the upside.

Bitcoin price action is getting “extreme,” he says. Money trying to get out of the system is driving the price. As with gold and silver, Bitcoin is a direct competitor to the fiat monetary system. What makes Bitcoin different than other fiat currencies is it’s limited supply, he says. He is cautious, though, since Bitcoin charts have all the characteristics of a bubble.

Embry ends with a warning: The U.S. dollar is in it’s final death rows. And gold and silver is the safest best for when this whole thing unravels.
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Author: Brian Hyland

I am a part of the movement to Truth!

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