Office of Poofness 9-3-17… “One Day” (or, “Holy Crap, another Poofness??”)

Yes, I felt like posting this new Poofness / Susan / Zap report, as a) I felt some alignments here, and b) it’s short. There are various “RV” type posts all over the place, which (as has happened often before) imply “we are close to the end”, so it is possible this Poof may be right…



Office of Poofness 8-3-17… “Things to Ponder”

It’s been quite some time since I posted one of these, but I ran across this somewhere and felt it was to be posted. However this is not from Zap, it is from Doug Jones of Landa and Will Barney of Humanus. I suggest each take it for whatever it may mean for them…